Ultra Healing Lip Balm (Pack of 3)


  • 100% Certified Organic Balm
  • Superior Healing Power
  • All Natural Coloring Available
  • FREE SHIPPING!!!!!!!


Nature has spoken! To bring you the healthiest, most beautiful and luscious lips, we start with our organic blend of natures healthiest ingredients! We had three master goals in mind when creating this,

1st- bring the most powerful natural healing ingredients into a lip balm.
2nd- Making lips beautiful & luscious.
3rd- Price our Naturally HL lip balm where everyone can afford it!

These low priced products include

Natural Ingredients- We scoured the earth for the most powerful organic ingredients, found only in exotic climates like the Brazil, India, & Australia, & included them in our extra nourishing base making your lips much more luscious.

Scent/Taste– When it comes to scent & taste, we’ve found that many are turned off by strong flavors & scents like peppermint or cough syrup cherry. We have opted to use only a light dusting of organic wintergreen, bringing you a smooth pleasant, experience.

Smoothness– We believe that a lip balm should go on smooth, & leave your lips soft and healthy. Naturally Hl’s Lip Balm does just that. For a softness a baby could only dream of, use as needed.

Simplicity– Our ingredient list isn’t full of confusing words or chemical compounds that can harm your lips over time. We use simple, organic, easy to pronounce ingredients, for a soothingly effective experience you can tell your friends about.

We hope you’ll agree that our balm is a far superior lip balm for your money. Why settle for a lower quality chemical infused product that can cost much more, & won’t give the results you need, when you can have the power of natures best beauty & healing, allowing only the finest of Mother Nature on your lips.

Ingredients: Bee Wax, Mango Kern Oil, Walnut Oil, Coco Butter, Almond Oil, Coconut oil, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Moringa Oil, Wintergreen Oil

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Plain (no color added), Pink, 1-Cherry Red, 2-Dusky Sunset, 3-Late Night Merlot, 4-Midnight Rouge, Moonlit Rendevous