Superior Pain & Itch Relief Spray


  • Packed With Lidocaine For Soothing Relief Of Pain And/Or Itch Associated With (Product)
  • Healthy Natural Ingredients Used Instead Of Cheap Chemical Fillers Wherever Possible
  • Free Yourself Of That Annoying Itch
  • Fast Acting, Deep Penetrating Formula That Gets The Numbing Agents Where You Need Them, When You Need Them
  • Low Cost To Keep Your Money Where It Belongs, In Your Pocket


What makes Superior Pain & Itch Relief By Naturally HL BLOW AWAY the competition? Its simple, REALLY SIMPLE! We TORE OUT all the cheap chemical fillers, used by many of our competitors, and REBUILT our product from the ground up, using only the HEALTHIEST, SIMPLEST NATURAL INGREDIENTS, wherever possible. Don’t get us wrong, we haven’t abandoned the science! We PACK our products full of Lidocaine – for a POWERFUL numb that works fast, and really lasts! Don’t settle for an overpriced under powered numbing product full of unhealthy fillers. Choose Superior Pain & Itch Relief By Naturally HL for a naturally healthier experience.


Step 1 – Shake well before each use. Completely soak the intended area with spray. Wait until soaked in and repeat until it is as numb as you want it to be. (Usually 4-6 layers)

Step 2 – Wrap in plastic wrap to help absorb into the skin better.

Step 3 – Begin Procedure.

Step 4 – Continue to use spray as heavily as needed throughout the procedure.