Our Registered Merchants are rewarded with the same retail price we charge, but will be able to acquire the same product in bulk and receive the product for only 80% of the price that we charge for individual units, PLUS – to keep your profits high, we always provide FREE SHIPPING!!!!!

As a Naturally HL Merchant you can provide your customer with a far more natural, healthy, & relaxing cosmetic & skincare experience.

We can help you provide such an improved experience that your customers will:

  1. Show increased loyalty to your shop.
  2. Return more often for additional cosmetics, and buy other things from you as well.
  3. Increase their spending and thus bring you profit from the sales of our impacting brand and products.

This should allow your business to win the trifecta of improved profits, better care, and increase services and that’s why you should offer Naturally HL at your business today.

If you’re a merchant looking to resell our complete or individual  skincare & cosmetic products please call us at (971) 338-4444 and ask for Drew, or give us a simple contact at painreliefbalm@gmail.com



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