We purchased this cream in hopes it would help with the bedsores of my 89 year old mother and it has worked wonders GREAT product. 


Helped perfectly for my clients bedsore, gone in a couple of days, Love this product!! 

“Bedsore – I used it on my mother, who has bed sores and I let it air dry. It worked miracles and it kept the infection at bay.”
By Michelle

“So first I would like to say that this was delivered super fast which was a very pleasant surprise. Second I was not using the cream correctly and when I contacted the seller for help they responded almost immediately so A+ for customer service! Now when it comes the actual cream this stuff did exactly what I wanted. It did not completely numb the area but it definitely took the sting out of the tattoo so I was able to enjoy the experience. It also helped with healing and right now my tattoo looks like I got it a week ago when I just finished it two days ago. This stuff is actually pretty awesome and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is trying to get tough spot tattooed.” – mindy

This is the best lip gloss I have ever used” – L. Dur

I have chronically chapped lips, and this healed them completely in only a couple uses, now my lips have that natural shine, and have never looked better” – Anna

My wife surprised me with a massage using your massage gel, it was the best thing I’ve ever tried, my skin was easy to work with, but i didn’t feel greasy like I do with all the other massage oils or lotions i have tried.” – D.S.

I used the eucalyptus lotion on my skin and my skin has never looked or felt better!!!” – Lila

“I love that everything is free shipping and even dollar amounts, makes it easy to keep track of what i am spending, especially on a budget!” – R.D.

“This body shine stuff is RAD!!!” – Sarah

I liked all the products, but it was the body shine that sold me on it, I can’t wait to get my order!!!” – Rocky