About us

Naturally HL is a specialty line of cosmetic and skincare products, made by Pain Relief Naturally.

Pain Relief Naturally Is based out of Salem Oregon. Being from the Pacific Northwest, we have been raised on the benefits that living an all natural/organic lifestyle can bring. As a proud supporter of all natural living, we spent countless time testing our cosmetic and skincare products on our families and our selves, knowing we are the toughest critics we make sure to perfected them before, we will present them.

Pain Relief Naturally products are 100% all natural and/or organic* and and are never tested on animals.

We bring you the customer, only the highest quality, all natural/organic ingredients, to not only make the cosmetic and skincare experience more pleasant, but also to improve your overall health through all natural living!

*100% all natural and organic refers to the base products. Some additives are not all natural, however are not absorbed into the skin and are considered non toxic, such as our non toxic pink glitter.